Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Best Swimming So Far!

Sometimes it is just the most mundane things in life that you appreciate the most. Yesterday we went up to Whiskeytown NRA to go swimming. We do this every weekend, all summer long, and always look forward to it. My memories of yesterday:

Great conversation with Kim on the drive over
No traffic on the dirt road
Arriving at "our spot" and finding the whole area blissfully deserted
Being able to let Noodles run and swim free
Appreciating living in a place like this with so few people and so much wild area
Watching two great blue herons and one little green heron hunting
Listening to all the birds
Stepping into the cool clean water and watching all the baby bass swim around my legs
The magic of swimming underwater, the delicious coolness surrounding me
Watching Noodles swim and swim and swim!
How good a sandwich tastes on a picnic
The sweet juice of a cold ripe peach on a hot day
Having enough time to be in a place, so that
you can feel the breeze as it first comes through the trees
you can taste the freshness of the morning air
you can feel the warmth of the sun as you emerge from the green cool of the water
you can hear one bird calling to another in conversation
you can smell the essence of summer and store it up for winter
you can see the other world under the water

It was a great day!

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