Tuesday, July 14, 2009

7/14/09 Just Before the Heat

Noodles and I make the morning loop

The dawn hangs on to the last cool air of night

Deep summer now and the whole concept of cool

is ephemeral

We walk into the woods seeking the last dark places

Wind high in the trees deceives

It is a north wind coming down the slopes

of the Cascades

Paradox, north brings heat and south brings cool

The purest expression of friction heat

I watch the leaves of the willows shimmer in the breeze

then momentarily feel the warmth of the coming day

We quicken the pace to the river and are rewarded

Air chilled by the always cold Sacramento creeps in around us

We linger by a pond trying to hold back the sunrise

Noodles swimming and chasing sticks

as the tips of the trees turn ever brighter

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