Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Persistence of Snow

Christmas snow falls heavily
Big flakes
The dog running wildly across the lower field
The snow covering old snow
Covering trees in lace, again
The silence of snow pervasive
The scent of snow intoxicating

We walk, the dog following, chasing, running ahead
Alive in the moment of utter delight
We hear our breathing
Low words murmured in the church the snow creates
Simple joy in watching the flakes spiral down

Driving away the snow crunches under the tires

Weeks pass
The snow persists outside my classroom door
Reminding me of the ephemeral the momentary existance

Temperatures rise
The snow persists, but diminishes in the afternoon sun
Children running on the bare playground
California persistent in their psyche 
They come to school wearing shorts and light jackets 
In nineteen degree temperatures

The snow persists
A daily reminder that it is January
No matter the sunny afternoon
Saying to the trees that white will be worn again