Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Closed My Eyes

I dreamt of an America in 2021
She was beautiful and her arms overflowed with the bounty of the land
Snowcapped mountains in Alaska to beaches in the Florida Keys
Lobstermen bringing in the catch in Maine to condors soaring over the Grand Canyon
Her heart was full to overflowing with the prosperity of her people
In cities and towns and farms those people went about the business of the day
They asked about the uncle's illness, how was the fishing trip, and how is your daughter liking kindergarten
The air was fresh on a September morning and the rivers clear
People went to work and built things that others needed
The pay collected flowed back and helped the downtrodden and the ill
Bringing a smile to the lips of our beautiful goddess that guards the Golden Door, her light still beckoning
People worshipped or not but understood the right and revered its preservation lest we all be denied
Not everyone agreed, but all respected the will of the people as the ultimate form of governance
Those elected, as well, looked ever to their constituents for guidance and showed the door to those who would have them stray into doing harm to this nation
Grandparents ran up to the boarding gates of airports to swing grandchildren in the air when they came to visit, walking unhindered through the concourses
The privacy of the conversation on a cell phone between a wife and a soldier serving in a faraway land was sacrosanct as was the video of the new niece sent to the aunt
As a nation, there were still tough decisions to make but there was no venom as we were all Americans and all loved this country equally and without reserve

And no one wanted, ever, to go back to the dark days of 2011
I dreamt of an America in 2021

In dedication to Woody Guthrie, as this is still our land.

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