Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The Himalaya Blackberry is an invasive plant
Expansive, it creeps forward over everything
Dawn creeps too
Quickly fingers reach forward
Prize within reach
Soft dark fruit juices running down fingers into a stained palm
Everything summer contained in that tiny berry
Legs scratched bleeding but still reaching forward
The sweet flavor of summer irresistible

Deep memories, laughter, warm sun
Children, brothers, sisters, friends
Picking wild berries long ago
Reminding don't eat too many fill the bucket
Anticipation of tomorrow's berries and ice cream
Lost in the moment
We didn't hear the sounds of the absentee neighbor
Until he shushed us away from "his" berries
Then divine intervention as he drove away
Berries beckoning once again

These blackberries beckon still
As always the blackest ripest juiciest just out of reach
Stretching, arms raked by thorns
Searching for the branch that droops heavy
The sun rises and the bucket is filled
Pausing to look at the prize
The refrigerator door closes

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